Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful that all my boys gave me such a lovely welcome home!
Jimmy was waiting in the kitchen
Casper inspected my suitcase
Archie helped me unpack

and Ben presented his tum for snorgling


Out of Town

Hi all, Archie here with a little announcement.  Mum is going out of town for a few days and won't be blogging or visiting while away.  It's going to be men only at the house; we will be hanging out with dad and doing manly things together like burping and leaving our socks lying around...

Just kidding mum, don't worry we'll be good!


Valentines for Clementine and Artemisia

Clemmie posted this Valentine for me on her blog today....I'm the luckiest mancat ever to have such a wonderful ladycat as my Valentine!!!   ~Ben
A gift for Artemisia
My beautiful ladycat

Casper would like to present Artemisia with these jeweled roses for Valentine's Day along with the message that nothing shines as brightly as she does!

Happy Valentine's Day to all our fantastic friends in the Cat Blogosphere!!!!


Happy Gotcha Day Casper and Archie

Hello friends and thank you for popping by for Casper and Archie's Gotcha Day celebration!

Ben and Jimmy help celebrate their brother's Gotcha Day

Please help yourselves to food while I tell a little story.
Don't forget cake
And a niptini
Now, are we sitting comfortably?  Then I'll begin...

On February 9, 2008 I went to visit my friend Pauline who rescues cats.  She had told me there was a beautiful white cat (nine months old) that was staying with her and I had to come and see him.  Now Pauline always has cats coming and going from her house so of course I went over to visit, just like I had done on previous occasions...only this time I fell in love!!  About twenty minutes after I met Casper and was so obviously smitten, Robert looked and me and said "Do you want him?"  Of course I wanted him, but we had no carrier (I held him in my arms), no litter box, no food bowls or kitten food for him.  I said to Robert "We are completely unprepared" and he replied with a smile "Who cares?"
Casper Day One
Now, fast forward two years on to February 9, 2010.  Robert and I had just returned from visiting my brother in England and out of the blue he said to me "I think we should get another cat."  Now you must remember after Casper we got Benjamin and before Casper we already had Molly, so we were a three cat family.   He reasoned that cats make me happy so why not get another and because one never knows what life holds, it is silly to put things off.  I happily agreed with his logic so off we went to the shelter.  Young Master Archie (who was not named that at the time) sat quietly at the front of his cage and stole our hearts with his happy little ginger face.

Archie Day One
The Gotcha Boys
Baby Archie with big bro
Casper watches out for Archie
Grown up mancats
Good friends
and they lived happily ever after :-)


Mancat Monday Message

Hi folks, it's Jimmy here the youngest of the mancats with a message for all our friends.  On February 9th we will be celebrating the Gotcha Day for two of my brothers.  That's right, two brothers Gotcha'd two years apart but on the very same day, can you believe that?!  So please pop by on the 9th if you have a moment and celebrate with us...you'll find out on Wednesday which two mancats are the Gotcha-ees :-)


World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Day.  This candle was passed to the Blogosphere from Gracie with a request to keep it circulating.

So many of us know someone who has battled cancer and won or battled cancer and lost.  I light this candle on my blog today in honour of my Mother who is a cancer survivor and my Brother who fights cancer everyday with dignity and courage. I love them both so very much!

If your life has been touched by cancer, please take the candle and pass it on as a symbol of hope, that during our lifetime a cure will be found.


Snow White Wednesday

Well folks the worst of the storm blew past us during the night but it left enough of the white stuff on the ground, to close schools and businesses. I have a snow day today and I'm spending it with my boys safe and warm inside!  Adding to the cat's cozy comfort is a new kitty blankie which arrived on Monday from Peggy's Place.  Peggy was so wonderfully patient with me while I dithered for ages over what colours the blanket should be.  Finally I decided on a light blue with fluffy white.  Oh my goodness it is so gorgeous and soft, soft, soft as a cloud!!!  Thoughtful Peggy also included two mice and two balls with the blanket; a toy for each boy :-)

Archie was the first to try it out

Then Ben took a turn
Little Jimmy joined in too
 Archie and Ben together
And the three amigos

The best part about Peggy's blankies is that the proceeds are given to the Cat Blogosphere to help kitites in need!  The money from this beautiful blankie was donated toward Chrystal's Cathouse!

Click the pic to order your own cozy blankie :-)


Tuxie Tuesday

Oh no, there is a big storm coming this way!!!
I'm going to hide in my cat tree until it passes

Stay safe and warm everyone!