Friday Fun

Do you like my new t-shirt?  I wear it on behalf of my husband Robert :-)

Jimmy is pretending he didn't notice it. 

You can get one online here.


Wonderful Wednesday

Hi kids!

It's always a great day for my boys when they get something new, I'd like to show you their fabulous handmade cat bed that arrived yesterday.

Wow, check this out!
This beautiful cat bed was created by crocheter extraordinaire Lynn and is available from her Etsy shop Angel Cat Beds.

Made with such care from soft, cozy wool it's fully padded and finished with a decorative eyelash yarn rim just for fun.  It is simply gorgeous!!!

There are loads of different colours available and all of the cat beds are "perfect snuggle size" as Lynn says....you can see that Ben agrees :-)


Tuxie Tuesday

On the weekend I was doing some framing...luckily Ben was around to lend a hand paw.

Kip stepped in to help also while Ben inspected the smaller frames.

I often wonder how folks manage without cat assistance!!!


Mancat Monday

This is how I usually wake up in the mornings, with a cat on each side of my head.

Talk about bliss :-)


Friday Fun

Here are two pictures that are almost the same...

Looks like four cats snoozing on the bed.

Can you spot the difference?


Thoughtful Thursday

Rio doesn't have the heart to tell Kip he isn't very good at hide and seek.


Mancat Monday

Here's Kip on the left having his dinner.

nom, nom, nom

But wait a minute, who is that black cat beside him...does he have a new fur sibling?

Kip: oh, hi I didn't see you there

Nah, fooled you it's Ben!

Ben: yummy dinner tonight

How many of you knew?


Thankful Thursday

Casper is thankful for the fleecy winter blanket that we put on our his bed :-)

Almost invisible!!!  Sometimes from a distance it's hard to tell if he is there but the pink mouth, nose and pads are a total giveaway.


An Anniversary

Well kids, today is the one year anniversary of Kip coming to live with us.  As most of you know our friend Chrystal rescued him when he was a little wild thing along with his brothers Charms, Elfin and Monkey.  Here he is peeking out from behind his brother Elfin.

I always think it's funny that Kip was the smallest of his litter because he has grown into the biggest of the cats here....my gentle giant.

I can't believe a year has passed so quickly and yet it seems like Kip has always been with us.  He is such a  sweet and happy boy, I thank my lucky stars that Chrystal saved him and he came into my life!!!

My beautiful black velvet panther :-)


Friday Fun

I've shown this picture before on my blog of good friends Kip and Rio.


Kip likes to snooze with Rio so we bought him a small cat mat to put beside Rio's bed so they will both be comfortable while hanging out together.

Kip's new red cat mat

This is what happened...

anything wrong here?