Purrs for Casper Please

Hi all, I need some purrs for Casper and a little advice too...

We took Casper to the vet on Saturday because I had noticed about a week earlier he had developed an odd black mark on his chin.  I had looked online and read about "chin acne" in cats and figured this was what he had.  It wasn't until the vet shaved his chin to get a closer look that we realized how much black there was.

Casper's chin
The vet said it was a topical bacteria growing on Casper's chin although we have no idea where it came from.  After his fur was shaved she cleaned the area with an antibacterial/anti fungal soap and Casper also got an antibiotic jab.  We were given the soap to take home and instructions to bathe the area every second day for ten days.  It is quite difficult to tell what is bacteria and what is dried blood from the shaving because his chin was very red and raw after that was done.  I know we aren't at the ten day point yet, but I haven't seen one iota of improvement in Casper's chin. 

Has anyone out there experienced this or something similar?  Please let me know and please purr for Casper to be better soon.  Thank you!!!!


2nd Blogoversary!

Hi all, I don't usually post on the weekend, but since today is my 2nd blogoversary, I'm breaking with tradition :-)   I never celebrated my blogoversary last year so I didn't get a chance to say to how fortunate I consider myself to be part of such a fantastic cat community. 

Before I started my own blog, I had been lurking around for a while reading other cat blogs and thought they were so much fun and wildly creative.  It is a bit of a mystery how I found them though since I had not yet discovered the Cat Blogosphere.  Then on February 26, 2010 without a great deal of forethought I leapt into the breach and made my first post.  I blogged along for about four months with nary a comment or follower until Huffle Mawson ran across Cat's Cats and kindly introduced me to all her friends...that was a grand day, thank you again dear Huffle :-)

Things have changed so much since then, Molly went to the bridge in September 2010,

Molly and Mum
we adopted Jimmy two months later.  I know that was very soon, but I felt Molly would approve of helping a kitty who had a rough start in life just like she did. 

Baby Jimmy
and Kip joined our family in October 2011.

Kip eating a treat

The wonderful friends I have found through blogging are a huge part of my life even though we have never met in person and I cherish these relationships.  Nothing makes me happier than blog-hopping around the world reading of your adventures, both feline and human.  I would like to thank everyone who comes by to visit this blog most sincerely for your friendship and thoughtfulness which enrich my life everyday!

much love,
Cat and the boys


Friends on Friday

I love that my boys are all friends.

Casper isn't in this picture not because he isn't friendly with the others, in fact he is the cornerstone of all the relationships, but because being a deaf cat he doesn't hear the tin opening (don't worry he gets some later).

Casper and Ben
Casper and Archie
Casper and Jimmy
Casper and Kip
Casper is a prince among cats and the glue that holds all the brothers together :-)


Wordless Wednesday

NOTE*** - Oops, I posted this then realized it's Thursday and I'm a day behind!!!  But I think Kip is still lovely, no matter what day it is :-)


Valentine's Day

Well today is the big day for kitties all over the world who are in love.  At our house three lucky mancats are teleporting over to spend Valentines with their lovely ladycats....

Casper and his tsarina Artemesia

Ben and his sweet Clementine

Archie and his beautiful Tiri

Jimmy and Kip are still too young to have ladycat friends so they will have to settle for mum snuggles and being my Valentine :-)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!!


Mancat Menswear Monday

So if Casper has pantaloons
and Ben has chaps
is Archie wearing skinny jeans?


Happy Gotcha Day Casper and Archie

Holy cow mum is in trouble...its our Gotcha day and she forgot to prepare a post!!!  If it wasn't for wonderful KC and ML diligently posting birthdays and gotchas on the CB she would not have remembered....

Casper was Gotcha'd on February 9, 2008, he was nine months old...I fell in love with his blue eyes the moment I saw him!

Other than his tail he hadn't developed any of his floofs yet and we thought he was a shorthair

Then after he turned a year old he really filled out becoming the beautiful boy you know today :-)

Two years later to the day, we gotcha'd Archie, he was about six months old and super skinny

He was fearless from the get-go!

and grew into a robust and handsome mancat!!!

Happy Gotcha Day boys, I am truly blessed that you came into my life :-)
~love mum


Wacky Wednesday

No this isn't the world's largest cat bed...this is Rio's dog bed, it is in our sunroom by the back door.  I may have mentioned before that we come and go mostly through the back door.

When we returned from our walk the other day Kip was here in Rio's bed waiting for a cuddle....not a cuddle from ME mind you, but a cuddle from Rio.  They are great pals :-)


Toesies Tuesday

Hi kids, Archie here, today at the Tabby Cat Club it is Toesie Tuesday, please pop over and see all my tabby friends.

I thought I'd start out with a tummy appetizer...

before heading to the main course

Bon appetite!!!


Formerly Feral Friday

Hi cats and kittens, I've been in my new home for three months now

Mum was worried that I might still have residual stress from the thirteen hour car...

Or having four new brothers and a woofie sister

I told her I'm good :-)