Thankful Thursday

Hi all, our friend Chrystal has rescued a kitten with a broken leg.  He had surgery yesterday and we hope he will make a full recovery.  You might remember that our Jimmy and Kip were also saved by Chrystal who has a private rescue and works tirelessly to help animals in need.

This kitten survived on his own (his mum and brother were caught first) for two weeks!  Chrystal made daily trips to a remote rural area to trap him and we are so thankful that she did not give up.  If you can manage a little donation to help with this sweet kitten's medical bills, please pop over to Chrystal's blog, there is a chip-in button on her sidebar.

Thank you!!!


Friday Fun

How many cats are in this picture?

Archie and Kip...but look closer

There are three.  Can you see Jimmy in the background?

Archie, Kip and Jimmy!

He was lying flat on the dresser before but now his head is up :-)


Mancat Monday

Hi kids, our mum is recovering from a little surgery she had last week so we haven't been able to visit much.

We are looking after her well and hopefully she will be back to blogging again very soon.

 Kitty loving is the best medicine you know :-)


Mancat Monday x5

It's not often I have a photo op with all five boys,

but it was a beautiful day yesterday,

the windows were wide open,

and house next door is under renovation so they were all gathered together being nosy.


Tuxie Tuesday

Oh hi everyone, you caught me having my bath.

I think there is still some grass stuck between my toes from my picnic yesterday with my beautiful ladycat Clemmie.

We ran and played all day, sang songs and catnapped in the warm sunshine, it was just great :-)