3T Tuesday

Hi kids, it's Tuesday tocks, toes and tail!!!

Jimmy always does the craziest stuff with his tail, remember the bun?  His tail curls like a monkey's!

here his legs look a little frog-like but you must admit he has great tocks :-)

and last but not least you can just make out his gorgeous mauve toe pads!!!

Hope you've enjoyed 3T Tuesday :-)


Mancat Monday

Real mancats hold hands...

Kip has enjoyed holding hands from the moment we got him and will do it with both Robert and myself.  He loves to reach out and grab my finger ever so gently, I rub his pads and he stretches and flexes his claws making happy paws while purring contentedly...it's terribly sweet :-)

Happy Memorial Day to our friends in America who are honouring the brave men and women who have died serving their country.


Friends on Friday

Hello friends it's Casper, I'm here to ask for your help...

Casper misses his Arty Mouse!

I am very worried about my lovely ladycat Artemisia!!!  She went walkabouts on Monday and has not come back.  Please visit Arty's family and send her your loudest purrs so she can hear us and come home right away.

Casper's girl
Come home Arty so we can snuggle by the hummingbird cottage!!!


Thoughts on Thursday

The purring question.....

Experts have been debating for years the reason behind a cat's purr.  Are they feeling contented, and friendly, are they hurt, are they self-soothing or just plain happy to be a cat?  I certainly have not discovered an answer but instead pose another question....how many of us cat mums and dads out there purr to our kitties?  I admit it, I purr for the boys when we are cuddling so they know I'm feeling the same as they are.  I also murp, chirp and coo and basically imitate any sound that they make.

Did you hear a cat down there?
Your accent is improving mum!
Talk to me mummy I'm listening....
Mum purred me to sleep :-)

I'm not entirely sure what I'm saying to them but the response always seems to be positive :-)


Happy Birthday ML!!!

Wishing you a wonderful birthday full of kitty loving and sending you our sincere thanks for everything you do for us everyday that keeps the CB going and a wonderful community to be a part of!

**Comments off today**


Tuxie Tuesday

Hey kids, Ben here with the Tuxie Tuesday report...

This past weekend was a long weekend in Canada to celebrate Victoria Day so nobody worked on Monday,

archie, ben and jimmy at the back window

truth be told nobody worked for pretty much the entire weekend,

casper had a full schedule

there was just lots of lounging around,

ben and kip at the back door

and of course window wiffing,

casper, archie and ben doing what they do best

but mostly just lounging...

ben and kip

it was great :-)


Thankful Thursday

Kip chows down using his new cat bowl
When I started feeding the cats wet food I didn’t have a proper food bowl, let alone five of them, so I used my fine bone china saucers.  After a little while I decided this would not do and went in search of the perfect cat bowls.  This led me to the fantastically talented Melissa Brown, a ceramic artist who hails from California.  

Look Jimmy, it's a parcel from America!!!

I found a beautiful cat bowl on her Etsy shop; blue for boys, with an adorable bird buddy sitting on the rim.   


The design was already cat tested and approved by her beautiful kitty Rudy the Red and is the perfect weight to prevent them from being nosed all over the kitchen floor.

My bowl isn't moving, how about yours? ...nom, nom, nom

I asked Melissa to make five of these bowls for me and also if she could think of a way to personalize them for my fellas.   

Five bowls for five boys!

Melissa creates all of her ceramics with “Only my hands and a few simple tools”, she designed and embellished a different stamp for the centre of each bowl that declares each cat’s initial... C, B, A, J, K!

K is for Kip :-)

Not only are the bowls beautiful and functional but Melissa has made each one a unique piece for my cats and I just love them. 
Ben and his new bowl

Thank you so much Melissa!!!!

Kip waits to see if Casper will finish all his dinner

All of us love your beautiful bowls :-)


Whisker Hump Wednesday

Look at Jimmy, doesn't he have the most adorable little whisker humps?

They just cry out for smooching non?



Casper's Birthday

There is a song by the Talking Heads written in 1980 called Once in a Lifetime.  I love this song, not only because it harkens to the nostalgia of my youth but because it has both odd and poignant lyrics.  One line goes “you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?”  

I sometimes ask myself this same question within the context of having so many cats.  Seems for a long, long time (fifteen years) I had only one cat, Molly, then somehow in the blink of an eye I became a crazy cat lady with FIVE cats!  I like to make sure people know I have a dog also, as if this is some kind of normalizing factor and doesn’t just make me look even more of a nutter because it brings the count of animals in my household to six – LOL!!

Anyway you may ask yourself “where is this post going?”  I’ll tell you…it is Casper’s birthday today and he is the kitty who started it all.  I adopted Casper (much to Molly’s chagrin) from my friend Pauline who was caring for him after he had been abandoned by his owners and needed a forever home.  After Casper it was just a hop, skip and a jump to five cats.  Of course I wouldn’t have it any other way, all my “kids” are wonderful and bring more joy to my life more than I could possibly say.

So please join me in wishing Casper a very happy 5th birthday.  He is a trailblazer, goodwill ambassador, alpha mancat, gentle giant and cuddle bunny all rolled into one fantastic feline!!!



Tuesday Tummy

These pictures could have been taken last week or last year

because Jimmy ALWAYS sleeps in the same position

on his back, legs stretched out...

toes curled!!!!  Totally kissable no?


Mancat Monday

Oh my cod, is it Monday already?

where did the weekend go?

Please talk to the paw, I am not ready to receive visitors...


Friday Fun

We all know my name is Kipling Moonshadow, but a young mancat (four days now) about town like myself has to be flexible and respond to the many love names my mummy has for me.  

Mostly I’m called Kip, but I know that when mum says she wants some Kipper Pie, that’s me too

Kipness, Kipsilano, Kipernicus, yes those are all me

Kipsy Russell, yep over here

How many names do you have?  


Happy Birthday Kip!!!!

It is my beautiful Kip's first birthday today (which is a best guess after consulting with Chrystal ) he's a mancat now ::sniff, sniff::  As most of you know Kip was born wild and did not care much for humans when he was first rescued.

Yikes, get away from me!!!

I find it hard to imagine him that way because he is such a complete love bug of a cat without an aggressive bone in his body.  In fact I'd go as far as to say Kip is the most gentle cat I have ever met!

Come and snuggle with me mum!!!

He got along with his brothers very well from the first moment, I was amazed but really shouldn't have been because Kip is just that special :-)

I love you Casper

I feel so blessed to have this wonderful house panther as part of our family!  Thank you for stopping by and helping to celebrate Kip's first birthday with us.

Thanks for coming friends :-)

So please help yourselves to food, drink, nip and toys...stay a while and enjoy yourselves!!!

Cat, Kip and the boys