Happy New Year!

And so it's time to reflect on another year that has come to a close with alarming speed!

2013 started off with breast cancer and a fourth surgery.  It was determined that the lumpectomies and tissue excision was not working and the situation could not be saved.  Thankfully my lymph nodes were clear and I did not require chemotherapy or radiation, I felt so very lucky about that!  I underwent a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction in a five and a half hour operation.  The recovery was estimated at twelve to sixteen weeks but really it has taken me almost the whole year to feel like myself again.  I had a little complication that required another surgery in February and a lot of trouble with my shoulders as a result of trauma to the general area, but weekly physiotherapy has helped me tremendously.  Then just when I was gleefully preparing to say good-bye to 2013 which has been the most difficult year of my life (next to 2011 when I lost my brother), and looking forward to my birthday and Christmas, things got worse.  My beloved father died quite unexpectedly at the beginning of December.  My family is bereft beyond description.  We are fortunate however to have each other, so many people are alone this time of year and I could not imagine coping with this kind of loss by myself.  Our Christmas was subdued but we were together and the bonds of love kept us going.  It is with a heavy heart that I ring in the new year but I would like to wish all my cat blogging friends who are so very dear to me a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014 filled with love and many blessings.

Here's to a new year, with new possibilities for all of us :-)

lots of love,
Cat and the cats xoxo


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Dear friends, it has been a particularly difficult year for me but I have been sustained and supported by the kind friendships of the Cat Blogosphere.  Thank you so very much!

I would like to wish each and every one of you and your families all the joy of Christmas.  May peace and love surround you.

Cat and the cats

PS - comments are off :-)


Best Birthday Cake Ever!!!!

Hi friends, we had a little soiree on Saturday night to celebrate my 50th birthday.  I wanted to share some pictures of my cake with you because it was amazing and I know that my fellow bloggers and lovers of all things feline could appreciate it more than anyone :-)

Inside it was chocolate with mint buttercream between the layers.

But of course the best part was kitties all around it :-)

Notice this guy's tail,

and these two playing with the string!