We Made a GIF!!!!

Brave Jimmy volunteered to be the test subject for the making of the Gif.  I promised him it wouldn't hurt :-) Here is our effort as shown to us in Katie's tutorial...

The first time we made a mistake by selecting" normal" speed...Jimmy was moving so fast it made us dizzy to watch.  So we tried again and picked "slow" which is what I think Katie said to do in the first place.  This time it worked out much better!!!

hey what;s that over there?

I hope you will pop back tomorrow for an extra special post....someone is celebrating his FIRST birthday ;-)


Friday Fun with Archie

There is a small heart in this picture, can you see it? (you might have to biggify the pictures)
What about from this angle?
I'm a little modest, I don't show it to just anyone
Tiri my heart is just for you :-)

I'll give you a clue...look at my nose!

Note from mum:  Archie's heart-shaped nose freckle is a completely natural occurrence, the pictures have not been altered or photoshopped in any way...believe me I don't have the skills even if I wanted to - LOL!!!


Thursday Three, Meeting of the Minds

Casper: mmm sounds delicious

whisper, whisper, whisper

Ben: yes I totally agree

Archie: stop talking someone's coming!


Wonderful Wednesday - a Surprise from Clemmie

Hi kids Benjamin here, I got a surprise in the mail yesterday! 
Jimmy looking at my parcel
I came running when mum called me
I'm a blur
My beautiful girlfriend Clemmie sent me a present, it was for Valentine's day but it got delayed

Better late than never I always say...look what my wonderful girl sent me

A Valentine's heart wreath which mummy will hang up next year

A pink tuxie cat that talks, it says "I'm as cute as a button" "I'm a dream come true", "Won't you be mine?" and "Happy Valentine's Day!"

and best of all a card which had some of Clemmie's lovely furs in it.

Mmmmm, she smells wonderful :-)
Thank you my sweet Clem, it was so kind of you and your mum to think of me and send me such a great package!

I love you :-)

It's been such an exciting day!  Zzzzzzzzz


Tuesday Taste Test

Hi kids,  mum and dad have been trying to get us to eat some premium wet food that is grain free, but it has been difficult finding something that we all like.  First we tried trout but Casper wasn't impressed.

Casper is leaving after a brief nibble

Then we tried a salmon mix but Jimmy didn't like it (although we love salmon water from real salmon when mum and dad open a tin).  Who ever heard of cats that didn't like fish cat food?

Jimmy is missing from the picture

Then we tried a turkey/duck/chicken combo, mum calls it "turduckin" and we all gobbled it up!!!

nom, nom, nom

Now if mum and dad can just find a new grain-free kibble that everyone likes we will be all set!!!

PS - is anyone else finding that their reading list keeps disappearing now that blogger has switched to the new format?


Friends on Friday

These are two of my all-time favourite pictures...

Casper and Ben snuggling, March 2009
Archie and Jim snuggling, May 2011

Isn't it amazing how similar the poses are even though they feature different cats?!?!


Thursday Thrills

"Hey where did this come from?"

"I didn't hear anyone at the back door" (note to readers Casper is deaf)

nom, nom, nom....


Formerly Feral Friday

Hi kids, Kipper here...
sleeping blissfully
I used to be feral

note the happy paw
Thats right, born completely wild and the last of my captured siblings to be tamed

my comfy bed
There's something I want to tell all of you

beautiful boy!
 I like being an indoor cat better :-)


Thursday Throne

We recently got a new cat scratcher

It has been a huge hit at our house

I hope to share pictures of each cat enjoying his individual time on the throne

I'd like to thank our friends the Island Cats for letting us know where to buy the scratcher (Amazon); we saw it first on their blog


What Would Archie Do?

The other day, Tabby Cat Club posed several different scenarios to their tabby members and asked what they would do.  This is the question that Archie answered...

     Situation #2
Your human returns from work depressed and starts telling you all about her bad day. What would you do:
a)    Listen and try to find a solution for her.  Her problems are your problems
b)   Paste a concerned look on your face and pretend to care while thinking how glad you are that   you do not have to work
c)   After determining that this problem will not in any way affect your current napping schedule, walk away

Archie would listen intently
Show me his tummy to let me know there is more to life than my silly work problems

Then snuggle in for a cuddle to make sure I was feeling all better :-)

Such a helpful tabby boy!!!

PS - The background for my new banner is a close up of Archie's flank to support "Going Orange for Animals" in the month of April.  Click the badge on my sidebar for more info.


Tuxie Tuesday

My beautiful Ben in shadow and in light...

snoozing in a sunpuddle

deep in contemplation

oh hi mum I didn't see you there


Happy Birthday Marg!!!


Wishing you a wonderful Birthday filled with lots of loving from your furry friends!  The gang here at Cat's Cats think you make the world a better place and we are so glad to know you :-)

Comments off today


Wonderful Wednesday with Bunnies

Blue-eyed bunnies

These exquisite bunnies were made for me by a wonderful friend named Pat who writes Hook, Hand and Heart.  Her blog banner proclaims her to be "eccentric old lady, rug hooker, weaver and crazy cat lady", I think she is: delightful woman, creative genius, handcrafter extraordinaire and well yes, crazy cat lady because she has five lovely felines at home just like I do.

Bunnies made with love

She regularly attends hook-ins, assembling with other wildly talented women like herself to chat and work on their current projects together.   Last year she featured a picture on her blog from one such gathering of hand hooked Easter bunnies representing dark, milk and white chocolate that a friend had made.  When I commented that the bunnies were lovely, Pat offered to hook a set for me!!!
Bunny Bottoms

I was beyond thrilled when my bunnies arrived, they are even more beautiful in person than photographs.  These bunnies, made by Pat's generous hands, will adorn my Easter table this year and every year from now on.  I will cherish them always!!!

Beautiful bunnies

Thank you Pat for your kindness and friendship; it never ceases to amaze me that I have met such wonderful people through blogging!!!