Casper is Six Today!!!

Good golly, I just get one birthday sorted and here is another quick on my heels!

Casper, our goodwill ambassador turns six today.

He was born under my friend Pauline's neighbour's porch with his sister Fluffy.  Pauline found homes for both kittens but sadly after nine months Casper was returned, luckily for us that is when I met him and instantly fell in love.....

Casper day 1
in the sleeve of Dad's coat helping with the Christmas lights
with Archie
with baby Ben, one of my fave pics
Casper today
Some people think that a deaf cat is a special needs cat, but to us Casper is just plain special.  He has a wonderfully gentle nature, is the loving big brother to all the boys here and every day with him is a delight!



Kip's Belated Birthday

Hello Friends,

May 1, 2013 was our Kip's 2nd birthday and I totally forgot (feeling like a terrible mum).  Kip has brought nothing but joy since he came to live with us in November 2011 from Chrystal's rescue in America.

Here are a few of my favourite pictures of our gentle house panther....

baby Kip
meeting Ben and Archie for the first time
his trusting face

snuggling with Casper
birdwatching with Archie
with best pal Rio

the birthday boy
Your family adores you.

Kip's birthday pressie :-)