Neytiri and Archie - Magnificent Monday

Hi everyone it's Archie here and I have some fabulous news!

The lovely Miss Neytiri from Cloony’s Num-Num Fund has consented to be my special ladycat friend!  Kitties, she is as talented as she is beautiful and I wanted to share with all of you a little about her:  Neytiri is fearless, easy-going, an avid duster, climber and baker and also really likes insects!  

Neytiri and her pink duster
Well, goodness gracious, we have so much in common!  I too am fearless which is why my name is Archie, it means bold!  I enjoy climbing as well and jumping to high places, I regularly sit on top of doors. 

look up....waaaaaay up
Neytiri likes insects and I am an expert bug hunter; specializing in flies and centipedes.  As an aside, It should be noted that centipedes taste terrible and are really only useful for honing one’s skills as they are very fast moving.  Also, we are both Canadian kitties :-)

Canadian girl
I am looking forward to getting together and doing some dusting, I haven’t tried that before but I’m sure Neytiri will show me the proper technique.  Then I was thinking perhaps we might also share some of her baked goods, and  play with mousies! 

mousie madness!!!
Miss Neytiri, or Tiri as I affectionately call her has made me the happiest mancat in all of the cat blogosphere!!!  Can you see my blissful smile?  Tiri's mum told my mum that she is an exceptionally sweet girl, my mum thinks we will get along very well because she says I'm one of the gentlest mancats she has ever met :-)

lucky Archie
Look what wonderful Ann from Zoolatry made for our young sweethearts!!!


Calling All Ladycats

All the talk about Casper and Ben's girlfriends this week made Archie start to think.  He does not have a  ladycat in his life and now that he is almost two (next month we guesstimate) and a mature mancat he feels it is time to find that special someone.
I wonder if ladycats like nose freckles???

Archie thinks that Neytiri from Cloony's Num-Num Fund is a very beautiful ladycat and they seem to be close in age but he does not know if she is attached. 
the lovely Neytiri
Do you think an exquisite ladycat like Neytiri could be interested in a carefree, easygoing mancat like Archie???

Don't worry be happy :-)


Young Cats in Love - PART II

Prince Casper also has a creative and beautiful ladycat in his life, she is Artemisia, Imperial Majesty of Unparalleled Cuteness from the blog Alasandra the Cats & a Dog

The lovely Artemisia has many suitors, but chose Casper for her boyfriend.  She made this beautiful badge and sent it to him as a token of her love!

Thank you my Mouse for your delightful gift.

~your Prince,


Young Cats in Love

Just look at this fantastic picture that Clementine made...isn't she so clever!!!  Beautiful Clemmie is from the blog Life From a Cat's Perspective and Ben is very lucky to have such a thoughtful and talented girlfriend.  Please scroll down our sidebar to see a sweet collection of badges from Clem (and her mum) of the young couple :-)

On September 14th it will be Ben and Clem's 1st Anniversary...can you believe how time has flown!?!?  Ben says it has been the happiest year of his life!


Mancat Monday - Jimmy

For today's post I made my very first slide show with music on PowerPoint of Archie and Casper sharing a little mancat love.  As some of you know I am a bit of a computer dunce so I was very proud of myself.  However this was a short lived feeling because I cannot figure out how to upload it to blogger!  If anyone has the answer, please let me know and hopefully next mancat Monday we will have a slide show :-)

So in the meantime here are some pictures in non slide show format, of Jimmy (all taken on different days) who is obviously suffering from some kind of high anxiety and a tension filled life - LOL!!!


TGIF - Thank Goodness it's Feline!!!

I need some tummy rubs!
Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face
What about you... would you like to rub my tummy?
Come closer!

Oh that's bliss, just a little to the right
Ahhhhhhhh :-)


Tuxie Tuesday

When it is very hot, as it was this past weekend, Ben likes to lie on the floor in the hall outside our bedroom.  I have no idea why he finds this cooling because the upstairs is usually sweltering even with A/C, but he does and often I come across another cat or two in the hall with him.
I go crazy when he curls his toes like that!!!
Special thank you and purrs to Ann from Zoolatry for fixing my header with her creative touch when my "maximum pixels" in blogger got messed up.  Ann, what would everyone do without you?!?


Friday Fun

I love it when a new meme hits the CB and makes the rounds through everyone.  It's always fun to learn new things about kitties and humans alike!  We were tagged to play  by our friends the Cats of the Wildcat Wood.  So here are our answers....

Do you think you're hot??
We are four happenin’ mancats, sure we are hot
Upload a picture of wallpaper you are using at the moment.
I’m using one of our wedding pics as wallpaper.  Since everyone has seen the few I have already and  I haven’t received any new shots yet I won’t bore you with it again – LOL!

When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
I don’t think we have ever eaten chicken.  Our crunchies are Purina  Dental formula, we will get mum to see if there is any chicken in it.
The song you've listened to most recently??
We started watching an excellent show on DVD (no longer airing) called Saving Grace and the theme song is by Everlast it’s a great song…here’s the youtube link:
What were you thinking when you were doing this??
How hard it is to come up with eight bloggers who might like to play!  If I've tagged you and you have already played or you don't want to play then sorry about that :-)
Do you have any nicknames?

It is nickname central at our house, I've highlighted the favourites:  Caspercat, Casp, Casperator, Casperation, Prince Caspian, Benners, Benooch, Wee Ben, Benjamina, Arch-Arch, Big red, Gingersnap, Georgia Peach, Jimmy-James, Jimmer, Jimbo, Little Gray, Jimmy Silver-Toes
Brian’s Home
Say something about number 5
Amy and Brad helped transport Jimmy on his journey to Canada
How did you get to know number 3.
Simba was the very first cat who left a comment on my blog, he came via Huffle Mawson’s blog when she featured me on her “Friday Friends”
How about #4
We met them via the Cat Blogosphere.
Leave a message for number 6.
Where have you guys been, we miss you!
Leave a lovey dovey message for number 2.
Oh Clemmie you are so beautiful ~Ben xx
Do number 7 and number 8 have any similarities?
Both have weekly features e.g. Monday Funnies and What’s Wally Doing?