Floofy Friday

Just look at Jimmy's floofy little tummy.

Isn't it just totally snorgle-icious?!?!

The white spot for kisses :-)

Who could resist that?!?!


Mancat Monday Morning

This is how I wake up every morning.

This is my side of the bed.

That dent in the pillow is where my head was just moments before,

 I give in,

and they totally take over :-)


Friday with Kip

We finish off the week with Kipling Moonshadow the True: and by true I mean innocent, guileless, and open hearted.  Kip's world is filled with joy and amazement because he is so receptive to absolutely everything.  Sights, sounds, toys, games, smells, people, food, sensations, his brothers, Rio, you name it, he approaches it all with wide-eyed wonder and revels in every moment of the experience.

ready for anything!

Kip is a peaceful panther, and I get the feeling he might just be following in Casper's Goodwill Ambassador foot pawsteps.  Of course he likes to play and tussle but he does so in such a affable and mellow manner he is the most non-aggressive cat I have ever met!

sorry for da blur, blame it on DaBird

Well that is it for all the boys, I hope your enjoyed these little glimpses into their personalities :-)


Thursday with Jimmy

Jimmy the Scallywag:  Tiny Jimmy, not quite 7 lbs. has a gigantic presence and is a mischief maker extraordinaire!!! His paws are silent and he sometimes startles me when I turn around and see his earnest little face peering up at me. He is always into some kind of furtive exploration and you would think his stealth would assist him but he gets so excited and cannot contain his loud chirps and trills of delight...his location is revealed every single time.

in the bathroom doing goodness knows what

Jimmy is an unabashed love bug, each morning begins with his signature nose kisses and vigorous face rubbing (his to mine) before I've even risen from the bed. I frankly think he would lick my cheeks raw given half a chance.

look at that face!!!
Tomorrow, last but not least, Kip


Gingersday with Archie

Archie the Bold: Our quirky Archie was so completely fearless when he was a kitten, it is how he got his name which means brave and genuine.  He is somewhat of a loner, but he faithfully sleeps at the end of our bed by my feet every night. His affection is exuberant and he headbutts us with the strength of a battering ram. 

sleeping blissfully

He loves to be stroked but can't seem to make up his mind who he wants to stroke him. He jumps back and forth between Robert and I over and over and over only settling for a few pets from each of us before he's off again, we joke that he has ADD.  Regardless of Archie's eccentricities, he is a very happy boy which in the long run is really what counts.

beautiful gingersnap

Tomorrow it's Jimmy...


Tuxie Tuesday with Ben

Benjamin the Loyal: Ben is the most overtly loving of our cats but also the most ornery, he is a cat of extremes, highly emotional and demanding.  If I am unwell he will lie on the bed beside me with a paw resting on my arm and stay with me until I am better.  He will chase the other cats off in a proprietary huff if he feels they are interfering with his doctoring duties. 

Ben perched on the pillows above me

As much as Ben adores me he is ultimately his papa’s boy and the lovefest begins the moment Robert enters a room.  Ben will literally throw himself on his back presenting his tummy for stroking and will accept nothing but full attention and praise.  Any perfunctory pets will be met with a disapproving nip, although he is quick to forgive these slip-ups. 

Ben on papa's shoulder canoodling
Tomorrow we continue with Archie....


Mancat Monday with Casper

A friend of mine once asked me which of my cats my favourite was.  I replied “they are all my favourite and I like each one best.”  I'm not sure if anyone can understand that but I mean it in earnest.  Each one of my boy’s distinct personality and quirky habits makes me love them so completely. For any of you who are new to my blog, there are pictures on my sidebar of the boys along with their name and an attribute I feel describes them but I think I’d like to elaborate.

Let's start with Casper.

gorgeous boy

Casper the Fair:  Fair of face and fair in action and deed.  I fell in love with Casper instantly and thought him the most striking cat I had ever seen.  He is beautiful but he is also so much more; equitable, calm, benevolent, generous and loving, truly a prince among cats!

gentle alpha cat
If it wasn't for Casper's gentle nature we would not have the harmonious household that we enjoy everyday :-)

Since I have five cats, I will feature one of the boys each day this week.  Tomorrow, Benjamin.....


Black Cat Friday

Hey kids Kip here to tell you about Black Cat Appreciation Day!!!

House Panther Kip

As you can tell I am a black cat, from the tip of my nose,
to the bottom of my paw pads,
to the end of my tail
I am black and beautiful!!!...or at least that is what mum says :-)
Let's spread the word that black cats are every bit as loveable and adoptable as other cats!!!!


Mancat Monday

I thought I'd share these pics of Archie I took yesterday...

He was just coming down the stairs after having a drink of water.

Can you see the water droplets still on his chin fur?

I thought he looked adorable.

Here's an extreme close up :-)

Gah, so cute!!!!


Feeling Better Friday

Hi Kids, Kip here.  I'm just about to pounce on my pink mousie, but I thought I'd take a sec and let you know that I'm all better!
Yep, no more runny eyes and nose and I am my playful self again, as you can see.
Jimmy is well again also and back to giving mum all the nose kisses she can handle!
Ben only sneezed once yesterday, we think he is fully recovered.
Archie is still sneezing a little but he is much improved.
Mum is hoping that by Saturday his cold will be completely gone.
For some reason Casper never got sick, he had one or two sneezes but that was the extent of things.
Thank goodness for small miracles!!!
Mum says it is because he is such a strong mancat.
I think it's because he is our fearless leader :-)
Anyway, thank you to everyone who asked about us and sent purrs, it really helped.
I better go now, looks like Ben has designs on my pink mousie.
Yah, dream on brohim.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!!!!


World Cat Day

Happy World Cat Day friends!!!

Comments are off today so you can enjoy all things CAT :-)


Mancat Medal Monday

Hi All,  check this out...Ben and Archie are BRONZE medal winners in the Balance Beam competition that was held over at Cory Cat Blog.

We are so very proud of our two Olympians, here are their winning efforts
Ben on the upstairs banister
Archie atop the back door
and here is their bronze medal...congratulations boys!!!


Friday - Update on the Boys

Hello friends, I wanted to thank everyone for their overwhelming good wishes for Kip and Jimmy on Wednesday and for the many suggestions and remedies to help them recover from their colds.

I purchased some Viralys lysine palatable gel (hah) from my vet and have been dosing everyone with that.  I also purchased Lysine capsules that I can break open and sprinkle on their food which might be easier for maintenance since they are not keen to eat the gel.

Here is an update on the everyone:

Kip is very much improved, his eyes are no longer running and I only heard a couple of sneezes today, he is frisky again and very engaged.

Jimmy is in the thick of it, his eyes are not running but his nose is and he sneezes frequently, he seems sad and not himself.  He is still eating and drinking so I'm taking that as a good sign.

Archie and Casper seem fine, fingers crossed they will remain that way.

Ben was fine too but tonight before bed I heard him sneeze.  I'm really praying it was actually Jimmy doing a little ventriloquism because he was also in the room, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I was very touched that so many of you left kind get well comments for the Boys, it is truly wonderful to be part of such a supportive network of people :-)

Thank you again,


Purrs for Kip Please

Hi all, I'd like to ask you to send along some healing purrs to our young Kip. On Saturday he started with a cold and some crazy sneezing....his right eye began watering followed by his left eye and now he has a little wheeze in his nose too.

I'm not feeling well

Then last night during the Olympics (I was watching the women gymnasts, who incidentally use more eye make-up and hair glitter than Vegas showgirls) Jimmy started sneezing!!!  He was not as bad as poor Kip who is regularly gripped by at least seven huge sneezes in a row (I've counted) but I definitely heard a few little achoos emanate from his perch on the back of the sofa.

I may need some purrs too
The vet said it is a virus that has to run it's course...please keep you fingers and paws crossed it does not run through the entire household or there will be a lot of unhappy mancats around here.  Not to mention I am totally stressed out with one sick cat, maybe two...I can't even begin to imagine five!!!

Look what dear Ann from Zoolatry made for us!  Thank you Ann you are so thoughtful :-)