Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that Molly was with me for many, many years.  She was present for my life's major moments and saw me through good times and bad.  Although I am so heart-heavy at her loss, I can't help but be happy that we were companions for such a long time! 

I am also thankful for my friends in the Cat Blogosphere, their outpouring of compassion at my loss and their unbelievably comforting words.  I'm not certain I can properly express my gratitude for the comfort they have given me.
Molly in more robust days
I am thankful that I have been able to fly to England three times this year and visit my lovely brother which would not have been possible without my man Robert.  When I'm away he keeps the homefires burning and looks after all the kitties so well!  Robert would not let me take Molly to the vet last Wednesday evening when I got home.  He said how could I be expected to step off a plane all exhausted and jet-lagged, gather up my girl and take her to the vet to go to the bridge...it would just be too much!  He was right and as a result of his level-headed thinking I got to spend one final night with Molly sleeping on my pillow, her little face pressed against my cheek as she purred her love to me for the last time.  On this day, one week since her death, I am so very thankful for that memory.


White Wednesday, Blue Gizzy

While I was away, something special arrived in the mail. I had asked Darling Millie's mum Lynne to make a Gizzy Quilt for my boys and she sewed up a dream in vibrant shades of blue. It was intended for all the boys to share but so far Casper has been sleeping on it non-stop, perhaps because it matches his eyes so perfectly! I told Lynne that I would post pictures of the other cats on the quilt too...that is if Casper gives them a turn :-)

Casper on his quilt


And then there were three...

Molly 1991 - 2010
Molly went to the bridge tonight at 6:30pm, she was two months shy of her nineteenth birthday.  Robert and I were with her, she laid her lovely face down into my hand and then she was gone.  It was without a doubt her time and the right thing to do but that did not make it any easier.  I know our sweet Maxie was at the Bridge to meet her along with many of the kitties from the Cat Blogosphere who have passed lately; in particular beautiful Sniffie and little Winnie :-)  When I rescued Molly all those years ago I gave her a safe and loving home, good food and a warm bed, today my heart is broken because she gave me so much more in return!

I would like to thank everyone who left a comment on my blog yesterday and today, you have no idea how comforting it was to hear from so many friends.  A special thank you to Brian who posted on the CB that Molly was poorly.  As a result of that kind gesture, bloggers and kitties who we have never even met before left us comments and sent hugs and purrs!  The CB is such a wonderful, supportive community and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

When you are sorrowful
look into your heart
and you shall see that
you are weeping
for that which has been
your delight

~ Kahlil Gibran


Molly is Failing

I returned home from my trip this afternoon unfortunately to find my dear old Molly is not doing well at all.  We had her to the vet before I left because she is so weak and thin (1.9 kilos) but I didn't want to make any hasty decisions before leaving.  I was afraid something would happen while I was away, but she has hung on and I think she may have been waiting for me to come home!  She has deteriorated since I've been gone; she has trouble walking, and now she is struggling for breath when she purrs.  I lay on the bed and she staggered over to me and gave me a gentle head butt on my cheek that was so sweet, but I know she was telling me it's time to let her go.

I'm going to contact my vet tomorrow and we will discuss helping her to the bridge.  My goodness it's so hard...


London calling...

I'm across the pond with my family visiting my lovely brother and didn't expect to be doing any posting, but there is a beautiful ladycat here so I thought a guest appearance was in order.

Hello Dolly!
 We are staying at the home of friends of my brother and his wife, and this is their beautiful British Blue named Dolly.  Dolly has fantastic amber eyes and a plush, soft coat of steely blue velvet.  She is very talkative and affectionate and loves to be stroked and cuddled.  She sleeps on an armchair in my room but unfortunately I haven't been able to coax her onto the bed.  There is a cat flap here so she is able to come and go at will.  Since I have indoor cats, it takes a little getting used to when she is out in the dark...I worry too much.

She doesn't seem to like the flashy box much, but I managed to get these pictures.  I miss my kitties so I am thrilled to have Dolly to fuss over :-)
she loves her scratching post

and visits it regularly
and the tinsel dancer I brought for her

about to bunny kick a scrunch ball
waiting for a call from Mum

blissed out after an extensive brushing


Out of town...

Hello Friends,

I will be out of town for a week. Although I won’t be posting, I hope to be able to do a little visiting. I’ll miss everyone very much and look forward to catching up on all your adventures when I return.

Luckily my wonderful man is staying home so I know the kitties will be well looked after!


Tuxedo Tuesday with Ben and Clemmie

I'm sure everyone knows who this beautiful girl is...it's Clementine from Life from a Cat's Perspective. She and Ben have been blushing at each other from across the Cat Blogosphere for a little while now.  Yesterday Clemmie posted this fantastic picture on her blog of the two young romantics and Ben has never been prouder in his life!  

Ben would like to ask Clemmie to be his official girlfriend :-)


Mo Cats Day!

So we all know that last year some prat said there should be a "no cats day" on the internet, well I have joined my Cat Blogosphere brothers and sisters to celebrate the annual MO CATS DAY! 

Therefore I give you:
Mo Molly
Mo Casper
Mo Benjamin

Mo Archie
even Mo Max


What's up Wednesday?

I tried to sneak my suitcase upstairs and into the spare bedroom.  As you can see, Ben had thoughts about the situation...

this can't be good...

even close-up, still no good


Toesies Tuesday

I love cat feet. 

Whether it be chubby, soft cat pads or long, delicate limbs that taper into perfect paws I am hooked.  I have been known to kiss my cat's feet...literally!

Spooning Snuggle
Casper's tender tootsies
Ben's twinkle toes
Max's gray pearls

Molly's spotted pads

Archie's peach jelly beans


Monday Memories

I remember...

When Ben was wee
With big brother

When Molly was fat

When we brought Casper home
Feb 9, 2008

When Archie was adorable
Earlier today :-)


Funny Friday

I have mentioned before Ben's love of scrunch balls; he can amuse himself with one of these colourful, crinkly treasures for ages!  Casper is not interested in them at all and Archie usually just wonders what Ben is up to and will sometimes join him in batting one around but he gets bored with them very quickly and moves on to some other form of entertainment.  Ben however has been devoted to scrunch balls since he was a wee kitten.  I thought it would be funny to show you the progression of scrunch balls once Ben gets his paws on them.

brand new scrunch

Scrunch after vigorous play
end stage scrunch
It is funny to note Ben's reaction to me photographing his scrunch balls.  As I was arranging them on the dining room table he looked quite agitated.

Ben looking worried
He jumped up to investigate what I was doing

Ben checks to make sure scrunch balls are ok
Then he made off with the new scrunch in pristine condition

"come to papa"
Have a great weekend everyone!


Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for:

T - tuxedo Ben
H - happy cats
A - Archie’s innocence
N - nineteen years (in November) that Molly has been alive
K - kindhearted Casper
F - friendship that my boys share
U - unending cat entertainment
L - love from my kitties

My cats are thankful for:

T - treats
H - high perches to hang out on
A - afternoon naps snuggled together
N - nighttime prowl and play
K - kitchen cupboards filled with nip
F - food and lots of it
U - utopia that we live in
L - love from mum and dad