Thursday's Toe Finale

While I agree that this week's previous posts of peach and pink pads are pretty, I'd like to offer for your viewing pleasure a little silver-tipped plum perfection :-)
Jimmy's juicy jelly beans
and perhaps a little more...



White Wednesday (with more toes)

Hi all, Casper here.  As the alpha cat of the family I think I have to weigh in on this toe situation.  While my brothers Archie and Benjamin have very worthy toes, I would like to also present mine for your consideration...
Notice please not only the pinkness of my pads but the fabulous tufts of fur between my toes

Here are several of my feet at once if you can stand it :-)

Please tune in tomorrow as I think our young Jimmy would like to have the last word on toes


Tuxie Tuesday (with toes)

I understand there was some fuss yesterday over Archie's toe pads...pulease. 

Get a load of these babies!!!
Ben has some precious pink pads
Clemmie, my toesies are just for you :-)


Mancat Monday

Real mancats have peach toe pads
and keep an eye out for their little brothers :-)

Archie and Jimmy snuggle on the back of the sofa all the time! 


White Wednesday

When Robert and I first started living together about eight years ago we had a cat crisis straight away.  I had calico Molly who at the time was ten years old and at the height of her orneryness before she mellowed into old age and Robert had a white cat named Alaska who was sixteen and as gentle as they come.  Alaska, or Allie for short, had been living with Robert's ex then quite unexpectedly one day he got a call, the cat was no longer wanted and he better come and get it. 
Miss Allie
Molly was accustomed to being an only child and was not interested in a roommate, which she did not hesitate to show Allie at every opportunity. The one advantage that newcomer Allie had was size, she was a big girl who weighed about twenty pounds with fluffy white fur that made her look even larger.  Molly was no featherweight herself, but she also wasn’t an idiot and gave mountainous Allie a wide berth.  They seemed to stake out different areas of the house to call their own and learned to live surprisingly harmoniously within their set boundaries; Molly slept with us and Allie had the second bedroom across the hall.  The only time trouble erupted was when we got home from work, both cats would emerge from their separate territory and head to the shared ground of the living room in order to be with us.  They would walk around a corner and find themselves face to face.  Much hissing, posturing and air batting would ensue but neither seemed to do the other much harm.
reluctant friends
After several months had passed, Allie and Molls settled into a peaceful existence and one day when I came home from work I found Molly in Allie's bedroom.  Granted they were on different ends of the bed but it was a start and I was very happy (and snapped the one and only picture of them together).  Unfortunately shortly after this picture was taken Allie became very ill with diabetes and went to the bridge.  I know that Molly had not liked her at first, but for weeks after Allie was gone, I would find Molly in Allie's bedroom sitting on the bed missing her friend.  I hope Allie was waiting for Molly when she joined her at the bridge last September.


Mancat Monday x 4

The cats don't usually eat together, maybe just one or two at at time. We have a large communal bowl filled with their kibble and they are free to graze throughout the day. Since there is no set "feeding time" they come and go as they please and are usually there individually.

The Chow Line
The only thing that brings them to the kitchen en masse is salmon or tuna water that we divide into four little bowls whenever we open a tin.  Salmon is the one they prefer and the second the opener punctures the tin they appear out of thin air and swirl and swarm around our legs and it is the only time I ever hear any meows; encouraging us to hurry up.  The excitement builds and we have to put the bowls onto the floor at exactly the same time, Robert and I both with two in our hands "1-2-3 down!"
nom, nom, nom, nom!
Next time I will try to take a video of the action and you will be able to hear the frenzied lapping of tongues which is surprisingly loud!


Wordy Wednesday Challenge

I picked the word benevolent to describe my Casper because in the truest definition of the word he is: characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feelings.  From Casper's first day with us we knew he was a very special cat, not only for his striking appearance but his gentle demeanor.  We have brought four other cats into our house during Casper's princely reign and he has welcomed each and every one of them with openhearted, brotherly love.  Casper is a treasure.

I picked the word affable to describe Archie because he really is such an easygoing, friendly fellow. When we got him as a kitten he was quite hyper but he has mellowed into a happy and generous mancat equally relaxed when company comes over or alone with the family.  Archie is a treat to be around.
Now let me just finish by saying that the Wordy Wednesday challenge was understandably limited to two cats per household.  All my boys are so precious to me that it was very difficult to choose who would participate.  I selected Casper first because he is the oldest, but for the second spot I had to resort to names in a hat to make it fair to Archie, Ben and Jimmy :-)

And finally thank you Judi for my lovely pictures!


Talented Tuesday

I wanted to show all of you this portrait of my boys, isn't it fantastic!?  It was painted by the lovely and talented Michico from Adan's Everyday + Lego.  I think she has captured all the boys perfectly, ....such attention to detail!

Michico sent me this picture of the completed portrait and I am so excited I can hardly wait for the painting to arrive from Taiwan!  I will make another post when it is framed and hung.  Here is the link to see the painting in progress.

Thank you so much Michico, I am delighted and honoured to have one of your beautiful paintings :-)


Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Ben!

Thirteen has always been my lucky number, so I'm not surprised that March 13 (2009) is Ben's Gotcha Day.
baby Ben

He was a stray, found on the mean streets and taken to Toronto Animal Services.  Our Max had just died (see his story in the Just For Sweet Max tab), even though I was still reeling from that loss and not ready to get another cat, Casper was so sad and lonely without Max that we had to do what was best for him.  Robert said he needed another buddy and I had to agree.
Ben and big brother Casper
Three evenings in a row we went back to the shelter and basically ignored Ben (or Kennedy as he was known then) because he was only about five months old.  I was firmly against adopting a youngster, since the disease that killed Max usually hits kittens less than one year or older cats more than ten years.  But Ben was persistent, he would reach his paws outside his cage and try to catch us while dancing around on his hind legs, we thought isn’t he sweet as we walked on by and went to look at other cats. Finally Robert took him out and held him towards me saying “what about this little guy”? I cradled him in my arms and he lay contentedly on his back and made happy paws in the air. Well I was hooked and we took him home immediately. After two years together I constantly marvel at what a fantastic cat Ben is and how he knew that we were the right people for him and didn’t give up trying to tell us so!
best pals
Ben and Casper became fast friends.  Casper took him under his wing and taught him everything he knew (both good AND bad).  Sometimes I think back to those nights at the shelter and I truly shudder to think that we almost didn't pick Ben.  He is a quirky little guy who is intense and emotional and a bit of a Mama's boy, but I wouldn't change him one bit. We have been joyfully rewarded EVERY SINGLE DAY with Ben as a part of our family!

grown up mancat and big brother himself :-)

 Ben's very special ladycat Clemmie from Life from a Cat's Perspective send him this beautiful Gotcha Day Card.

Thank you Clemmie, I love you :-)  ~Ben xoxo
beautiful Clemmie


Wednesday Waiting for Spring

Hi all, Archie here.  I'm snuggled up in the fluffy bed because it is pretty cold still where I live.  We are trying to be patient and wait for spring but it is getting a little hard because winter seems to be dragging on and more snow is in the forcast for today! 
Mum has a trick when she starts to feel down about the weather.  She and her sister always recite the same poem, it is called Hyacinths to Feed Thy Soul and it makes them smile.  I hope you enjoy it too :-)
If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft,
And from thy slender store two loaves alone to thee are left,
Sell one, and with the dole
Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.

by Moslih Eddin Saadi


Tuxie Tuesday

My green-eyed boy :-)
Can you tell which end is up?
Oops, did you want your cardigan back mum?
 Watching from a safe distance!


Mancat Monday

This is my breadbasket, I've had it for more than a year and it usually sits on the dining room table.  When we have people over for dinner, I line it with a linen napkin and serve our bread in it.  You may be wondering why it is lying on it's side.

Lately it has had another use which started with little Jimmy...CAT BASKET!

Sheesh mum, who are you calling "little"?  Check out my great, long legs!

This is so comfy...anyone else like to give it a try?

Hmmmm, it's a bit tight, but I think I can manage.



Friday Flashback

This is one of my very favourite family pictures, taken in Scotland circa 1967.
from l to r: Duncan, Cat, Sarah, Angus
My lovely brother Angus died earlier this week after a valiant fourteen month battle with pancreatic cancer.  We gathered at his hospital in London two weeks ago and I am profoundly grateful that we had the opportunity to be together as a family one last time and say our good-byes.  Angus' spirit was still strong and he was mostly just concerned about us and that we shouldn't be sad. 

I am truly thankful to have grown up with Angus; protective and sometimes annoying (as an older brother can be) but always loving, he was an energetic, larger than life personality who was adored by everyone!  My parents, Duncan, Sarah and myself have lost a jewel and we are desolate, Angus will be missed more than words can say.