Ben the Bookie

Archie: I still can't believe the Red Sox blew a nine game lead!!!
Ben: Pay up dude...


Thankful Thursday

We would like to thank our good friends Hannah and Lucy, two lovely ladycats from Leicestershire, for giving us the Noteworthy Archive Blog award.  We are honoured that they thought of us :-) 

In turn we would like to pass this recognition to the super cool blog Catsparella.  If you haven't been by before you simply must visit.  Stephanie Harwin is the brains behind Catsparella and posts SEVERAL TIMES A DAY her tidbits of all things cat; information, art, fashion (I ordered the cat sleeping mask and cat tattoos recently), fun and even food (cat cupcake Tuesday is my favourite!).  If ever there was a blog of Noteworthy Archives it is Stephanie's, just click on any post in her archive and you are guaranteed to find something interesting and entertaining :-)


Wordy Wednesday

My boys have many embarrassing nicknames that are used regularly.  I thought I’d highlight a couple of Jimmy’s today.

When I’m calling around the house trying to locate him I’ll say “Jimmy Jimmer are you upstairs?”, or “where’s my Jimmy Silver Toes?” (obviously his native Canadian name).  Sometimes I’ll sing “Jimmy Mack when are you coming back?”, I’m pretty sure he’s a Motown fan.  If he’s been naughty he’ll get a formal version of his name like “Jimmy James what have you done”?  Strangely, when I call him Jimmy James I sound southern – LOL!
I picked this picture to show his fabulous silver toes but on closer inspection we may have to add "Jimmy Chin Whiskers" to the repertoire...holy cow where did those come from from?!?! 


Tuxie Tuesday

Ben was in a peevish mood the other morning and attacked the duvet for no reason.  I call it having a TTM (Total Tuxie Moment).
 Btw, this was my first ever video!!!

Archie Misses Tiri

My special ladycat friend Neytiri has been away on a two week blogcation
I've been tossing and turning
and missing her terribly!
I've nibbled my fingers to the bone waiting for her return!!!
What...she's back you say!!!!
Oh thank goodness :-)


Molly Remembered

Today is the first anniversary of Molly going to the bridge...I really can’t believe a year has passed!  My house is filled with young cat energy now and there is always something happening here to make me smile, but I miss my old lady very much.  My head knows that eighteen is a good long life, that she was well loved and that it truly was her time to go, but my heart misses her constant purr, how she used to sleep on my head like a hat at night and a thousand other things that made her special to me :-)

I love you Molls, you are not forgotten!


Tuxie Tuesday

So kitties, on Saturday morning I mosey onto mum and dad's bed for a little cuddle and purr in the sunshine and all of a sudden mum starts laughing.  Then dad laughed too and jumped up to grab the camera while mum held me in a most undignified position and dad took this picture...
purple dot #1
and this
purple dot #2
Then mum rubbed my nose, told me I was her beautiful green-eyed boy and put me down....parents are so odd sometimes!!!


Meow Like a Pirate

Jimmy says "Arrrrrrrrrrrr Mateys!" 

the dread pirate Gray Whiskers 
Have a wonderful pirate day everyone :-)


Friday Friends

Hi kitties, we received a cool award from our good friends Niko and Goro.  If you do not know them please drop by and visit their delightful blog. They are two beautiful Russian Blue boys who live in Georgia with their mum and dad.

This award means "bright flashes in the blue sky" and it asks the recipient to describe what we dream or wish for most in the world.

It think I'm going to field this one since my boys live a somewhat sheltered existence and off the top of my head a few things jump to mind...I'm sure we all hope for the same :-)

What I wish for most is a world WITHOUT cancer, AIDS, terrorism, hunger, child abuse, animal cruelty, elder neglect, global warming, rainforest destruction or endangered species....is that too much to ask for?

I would like to pass this award on to thirteen wonderful kitties at the Katnip Lounge


Mo Cats Day

A couple of years ago some imbecile said there are too many cats on the internet...

Ben and Jimmy respond  to this with the back of disrespect (Ben adds a nose in the air harrumph for good measure)

Archie gives him the toe-off

and Casper sends a big raspberry....



Thankful Thursday

Ben is thankful for his lovely girlfriend Clemmie and that she and her family are safe from the terrible wildfires in Texas!  We are praying for the families in Bastrop County and elsewhere in the state who are threatened by the blazes.

Clemmie came over to visit on Tuesday, here she is with Ben relaxing after a hard day at play :-)


Tuxie Tuesday

I think by now everyone knows that it drives me crazy when Ben messes about on the upstairs banister...
But look at the angelic halo of light that surrounds him...it's hard to stay angry :-)


It's Pawm!

It's Pawm Weekend and Casper's lady love invited him to a Pawm for cats and dogs over at Boondocks and the Love Shack Pack.  Artemisia picked a beautiful tux for Casper to wear.

Scylla and her beau Brian are also going along with Fenris and Socks and lovely Momo!  Casper brought a car big enough for everyone
and magnolia corsages for the ladies
For more pictures of the happy group, check out Artemisia's blog.  Have a good time kids!!!


Friday Fun

Do you remember the Pushmi-pullyu from Dr. Doolittle?  

I think we have one living here at the house...