Happy Valentine's Day

My dear friends Cloony and Neytiri asked me to be their special Valentine this year

and spelled my initial "C" out in lovely little hearts

I was very touched and answered with a resounding YES!!!!!

Tiri also made this beautiful Valentine for her special mancat Archie...he blushed and rushed straight over to see her :-)

Happy Valentine's Day, I hope everyone enjoys this day of love !!!



Friday fun

Can you guess where this little sign resides in my house? I'll give you a hint...

I became tired of people entering my bathroom where they would find the toilet lid down, yet exiting and leaving the toilet lid up! I am pathetically fussy about this because Archie and Jimmy are both fascinated with water and have each taken an accidental dip in the bowl, which is what brings me to the sign.

While cruising my favourite website, Etsy, this summer I found this discrete yet firm "no soliciting" decal and promptly ordered it.  Random foot traffic to my house by people hawking everything from religion to eaves troughs has been remarkably reduced!   This got me thinking about creating a chic little decal for my bathroom that might be an attention-grabber and give folks a gentle reminder.... 

 and so I give you the upstairs commode :-)