Happy Gotcha Day Casper and Archie

Hello Friends,  many of you already know the story of how Casper and Archie came to live with us two years to the day of each other! But because I haven't blogged in so long I will reprint the story again. Are we sitting comfortably?  Then I'll begin...

On February 9, 2008 I went to visit my friend Pauline who rescues cats.  She had told me there was a beautiful white cat (nine months old) that was staying with her and I had to come and see him.  Now Pauline always has cats coming and going from her house so of course I went over to visit, just like I had done on many previous occasions...only this time I fell in love!!  About twenty minutes after I met Casper and was so obviously smitten, Robert looked and me and said "Do you want him?"  Of course I wanted him, but we had no carrier (I held him in my arms), no litter box, no food bowls or kitten food for him.  I said to Robert "We are completely unprepared" and he replied with a smile "Who cares?"

Casper Day One
Now, fast forward two years on to February 9, 2010.  Robert and I had just returned from visiting my brother in England and out of the blue he said to me "I think we should get another cat."  Now you must remember after Casper we got Benjamin and before Casper we already had Molly, so we were a three cat family.   He reasoned that cats make me happy so why not get another and because one never knows what life holds, it is silly to put things off.  I happily agreed with his logic so off we went to the shelter.  Young Master Archie (who was not named that at the time) sat quietly at the front of his cage and stole our hearts with his happy little ginger face.

Archie Day One
The Gotcha Boys
Baby Archie with big bro
Casper watches out for Archie
Grown up mancats
Good friends
and they lived happily ever after :-)