Happy Halloween

Archie is particularly happy today because his special ladycat Neytiri has send him a Halloween wish..

Archie wants me to be sure and make a pumpkin that looks just like Tiri's.  Will this do?  I carved it for Halloween two years ago but could make it again for tonight :-)

Here is Ben with his lovely girl Clemmie in a great pic that Chandra made!

Rio is a pumpkin also, she's in costume and ready to shell out at the door.

  I have my witches hat and rub-on scary cat tattoo, so I guess I'm ready as well.

This is the ghoulish mask that I like Robert to wear but he hates it - LOL! 

I find that constant doorbell ringing upsets the cats, so we like to sit on our front porch with Rio and greet the kids as they come up to the house.  This way the cats stay calm and without a lot of door opening we know they are secure inside.

Have a safe and happy Halloween friends!!

Cat, Rob, Rio and the Boys


Thoughts on Thursday

Hey Kids, what do you think Casper is thinking about his new twin???

hmmmm, who is this handsome fellow?

Jimmy has a look too

well he definitely smells good :-)


Tuxie Tuesday

Ben can be a naughty boy sometimes...

Here he is playing with Archie's tail.

Archie does a double take to see what Ben is up to.

Jimmy looks on and says "you are crazy brother!"

Ben takes no notice and continues to play.

Dad lends a hand (literally) to keep the peace.

Ben redirects his attention to a bump under the sheets....crisis averted :-)


Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for all my beautiful kitties who love me so well!!!

 Kip comforts mum


Tuxedo Tuesday

Blissful and snoozing,

casual and relaxed,

that's Total Tuxie Goodness!!!


Friday Fun

Hey kids I thought we'd play another round of "how many cats are in this picture".  I can see Archie and Jimmy of course, but can you see anyone else?

...and what about now?

you might have to biggify ;-)


Thankful Thursday

Tuna water YAY!!!!

lick, lick, lick


glug, glug
that was super yummy

Thanks mum :-)


Livestrong Day

Our friends Milo and Alfie from The Cat's Meow started Livestrong Day on the Cat Blogosphere three years ago!  Each year the entire CB joins in to support the global campaign by going yellow.  

Too many of our family, friends and furries have been touched by this horrible disease so we unite today to remember those who have lost their battles, celebrate survivorship and commit to working towards a world without cancer! 

When I say Livestrong I like to say Lovestrong also.  Please be sure to Lovestrong all those who are precious in your life, be they two or four legged, because we never know what the future holds!

Casper, Benjamin and Archie say Livestrong!

So does wee Jimmy.