Happy Birthday Jimmy

Hi kids Jimmy here.

I'm two today and I'm celebrating my birthday with my brothers and a NIPFEST!!!!!!

Wow, that was good...I'm just going to close my eyes for a moment then we'll start Nipfest Part II

Would anybody like to join us?


Tuxie Tuesday

On the weekend we bought a new dog pad to put in our tv room for Rio. When we're watching a dvd, she likes to hang out with us.

I put it on the dining room table for a moment while I got scissors to cut off the tags.

When I returned look who had commandeered it.

Posing shamelessly.

In hopes of keeping it for himself.

Poor Rio doesn't get a much of a break living with so many kitty brothers...check out her other bed in the sunroom :-)


Mancat Monday

Here are all five of my mancats on the unmade bed.

What do you think...secret meeting or just snoozefest?


Friday Fun

Our good friends from Critters in the Cottage gave us the Illuminating Blogger award.  LP writes a delightful blog about her gang...two cats, two kittens, two senior foster cats and two dogs!!!

Now we've received this award before but this time, interestingly, it was given to Rio our woofie sister who rarely appears on the blog.  So here you go Levon, just for you a little illumination about our Rio....

First of all she is a golden doodle, this means her dad was a standard poodle and her mum was a golden retriever.  The original purpose of this cross breed was to develop guide dogs suitable for visually impaired individuals with allergies; she does not shed at all!!!  Doodles are super clever, friendly and relaxed family dogs who are eager to please.  Many people mistake our woofie sister for a male because they think Rio is a boy's name but in fact she was named after the girl in the 80's Duran Duran song Rio.  Because we live in an area called the Beach we thought the lyrics were appropriate...

"Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand
Just like that river twisting through a dusty land
And when she shines she really shows you all she can
Oh Rio, Rio dance across the Rio Grande."

Rio the day we chose her; 5 weeks old (don't know why this pic loaded sideways)

our golden girl

Rio a few months old, has not had a haircut yet

Rio's first Christmas
Rio leg surgery x2

Rio last Halloween

Rio with best friend Kip

Rio with the bed to herself

fresh from the groomer :-)
I hope you've all enjoyed seeing pics of our sister Rio.  Next week back to the really important stuff...us kitties!!!

We would like to pass this award along to anyone who has not received it yet but would like to illuminate us with interesting facts about themselves :-)


Jimmy's New Trick

Look who has learned how to get up on the banister.  This does NOT exactly thrill me but Jimmy is very pleased with himself and trills, sings and coos to let me know he has made the leap.  

Wow, I made it :-)

Thankfully Casper has no interest in the banister and rarely jumps up there.

On the move

However Ben is an expert banister boy and regularly snoozes on it.

Pausing to savour his accomplishment

Archie is a daredevil of the first order and races at full speed from one end to the other giving me heart failure.

Jimmy at the deep end

And now Jimmy has joined their ranks.

Jimmy scenting the banister

At least Kip still has all fours on the ground!!!

I'm adorable non?

Good golly how could I scold him with a face like that?!?!


Mancat Monday

Isn't Casper adorable with his curled little bunny paws?

Watching his beautiful, blissful face makes me so happy :-)

He is such a contented sleeper!


What's in a Name

Hi folks Archie here to tell you the story of how I got my name.  If you want to read about how some of my friends got their names also, pop on over to the Tabby Cat Club.

When mum and dad adopted me my name was Marshall and I was about five months old.  Mum wasn't so keen on the name so she was looking for ideas on a website that had cat names and their meanings.

I was not a shy kitten in fact the first moment my bedroom door was opened after my quarantine period, I scampered down the stairs straight into the living room and began playing with toys!

In fact mum insists I said "tada, here I am" but I think she's fibbing on that one.   For a while my mum and dad considered calling me Rufus or Russell which are both supposed to mean red but those names didn't seem to suit me.  Then mum came across the name Archibald which means bold and she thought that was perfect for me because I was such a brave boy.

so I lived happily ever after with the name Archie :-)


Tuxie Tuesday

Hi all, mum was trying to figure out what colour of green my eyes are...







any ideas?