Whiney Wednesday

This is my bedside table.  It does not hold a lamp, or a book I’m reading, or my laptop, or even my morning cup of coffee.  What it usually holds is a cat, doing this….


or this

or this

Kip and Archie

and this

Ben (with Archie's behind)

But truth be told I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!


Casual Friday

For a Tuxedo cat, Ben is very informal today - LOL!!!

he says "Enjoy the weekend everyone"


Thankful Thursday

Ben and Jimmy are thankful that the new water meter has been installed in the basement and the man is now gone.

They emerge from the bedroom to see if the coast is clear!


Friday Fun With Felines

Hi Friends, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite feline finds from the last couple of years.  I have posted about a few of these things on the blog before, but wanted to cluster the pictures together.  All of the items are hand made or created by the wonderful community of artisans on the Etsy website, except for the measuring cups and ballet flats.

fabulously different evening bag

this is my luggage tag, contact info is on the back

gorgeous hand crocheted, padded cat bed

t-shirt I wear on Robert's behalf

wooden Casper

I have five of these fun little kitties, each the colour of one of my boys.  When I had my big surgery back in January I took them to the hospital in my handbag for good luck

lavender felted kitty soap, I have this in my lingerie drawer because it is too pretty to use

this is Ben's bow tie for formal occasions...I have yet to get it on him - LOL!

I got this for a Halloween decoration, but it is so cute it's in my kitchen year-round

black and white ink sketch, I think it looks like Jimmy

our angel kitties Christmas stockings

I have two of these stress kitties, they are filled with rice and can be squeezed to relieve tension

a portrait of my cat family before Jimmy and Kip, when Molly was alive

Kip's portrait

kitty measuring cups...love these!

my boy's customized dinner bowls

Molly in stained glass

my kitty cat ballet flats
I hope you like my feline collection as much as I do :-)