Friday Fun

We all know my name is Kipling Moonshadow, but a young mancat (four days now) about town like myself has to be flexible and respond to the many love names my mummy has for me.  

Mostly I’m called Kip, but I know that when mum says she wants some Kipper Pie, that’s me too

Kipness, Kipsilano, Kipernicus, yes those are all me

Kipsy Russell, yep over here

How many names do you have?  


Fuzzy Tales said...

You have great nicknames, Kip.

We each have several too, though some aren't exactly flattering. ("Tubbo, "tubby," "fatty," etc. LOL.)

Catherine said...

Those are all cute names! Banjo has at least 6. More when he's naughty. ;)

Happy Friday!
xo Catherine

Rachael G said...

My three all have extra names
Tango~ Tangy, Tangy man, tango mango.
Bella~ Bellababy, Bells, Mybella, my baby.
Lily~ lils, pilly, stop biting!,No naughty cat!

Lol I lurve my cats!

Random Felines said...

yep - nicknames abound here too.... some better than others!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Hannah is Hanny Wanny Woo and Lucy is Juicy Lucy!! Please don't tell anyone will you??
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Marg said...

We have to call you many nick names too since you are so darn cute. We just think Mom has a really big soft spot for you Kip. We have all kinds of names depending on what time of day it is. Take care.

Nerissa said...

Yeah... the peeps do the multiple names thing with us, too. purrs

Rene said...

LOL, not as many as you do!

Annuk said...

You have great nicknames, Kip! :)
My name is Zoe (that means 'life' in Greek and as you know I am a Greek girl!), but my Mom usually calls me Bibi! :)
Love and purrrs,

Avalons Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

Ohhhhh you haz Nice namez..... ^..^

We haz lotz ov nicknamez too..... sum well...... not real nice, ::shhhh:: like piggy P,Mr. Tinklez,lolly pop (no not poop ^..^ )and da list goez on.... you lucky boy;)
Headbonkz ~ ♥♥xoxoxo♥♥

CricriCat said...

Trop beau Kip et super tous ces surnoms. Le mien c'est Caramel dit "le Kiki". Bonne soirée Cat. Biz. Cricri

Brian said...

All of your names are cool, but you are one cool Kip!

Repositório said...

Mi five kittehs have so many names!
Nelson, Nelbi, Nerbi, Nersi, Nelsitis.

Bartolomeu, Batata, Bart.

Aimée, Memeca, Memen.

Luan, Gotosulo, Gordinho, Fofo, Urso, Ursinho.

Ébano, Preto, Perneta, Pretolino, Panterinha, Vampiro.


meowmeowmans said...

We totally understand, sweet Kip. We really do. Mom and Dad have SO many nicknames for us!

Madi and Mom said...

Kip my buddy...this is such a cute post and what precious names. And it doesn't matter what she calls you as long as she calls you to din-din and maybe, just maybe she'll also give you an extra dish or two for the other names to eat.

Such cute pictures today.
Hugs madi

Madi and Mom said...

PS my names...let's see
1.Poodle face (no clue but that is what I'm greeted with every morning). But having seen Rio who is part poodle and quite lovely I take it as a compliment.
2. Mads, Baby girl, Doodle, Diva, and every so often when she means business it is MADISON...my full name.
From all of us

laurence said...

kip tu es sublime! bises Cat

Katie and Glogirly said...

Love all your names, Kip!
I've got TONS...many of which make no sense to me.
Humans...can't understand them.

a.k.a. KatieBunny, Bunny, BunnyGirl, Bucket, Kitska, Katrina, Kitty,

The Island Cats said...

Kip, we have lots of names too! Most of the time our mom calls us by the first initial of our names...W...E...Z.

Sparkle said...

I mainly have one, which I (usually) answer to. Binga has two: Binga and BINGA!

Natalie said...

Hee, those are great nicknames!! Scarlett and Melly have about a million nicknames, depending on my mood, although Melly is usually just MELLY!!!

The Cat From Hell said...

Hey Kip,
what is it about Mommys? Mine calls me Koz, Kozzie and my personal favorite Kozimoto!
Is not being a Man Cat Fun!

Cory said...

MOL! Kipsy Russel!!!!

I'm mostly called Mitten.

xoxo Cory

Pellie / Penny said...

I answer to a long list of names also - some not so flattering - most seem to run along the line of demon cat.

I'm a totally demonic Kitty and proud of it.


Rykers Boyz n Allie said...

Maxwell: *raises paw* OOH! OOH! Pick me! I gotz the Goods on Faraday's nickname! It's--- *dodges swipe from Faraday* --- SQUEAKERS! (rolls on floor laffing)

FaRADaY: Hey! *indignant look* I do NOT squeak any more!! I can't help it my BABY nickname stuck.

Purrfect Haven said...

love names... yep, we know what you mean.. we have a load of those thrown at us (we are too shy to tell you them here! needless to say they are made up if a smoochy sound in each). Thanks for visiting us, we love it when you stop by. Love Darcy and Bingley xxx

Tamago said...

Kipper Pie is a great nickname for you 'cause you are so sweet :-)
My boys have many nicknames too. One of them is Moko-moko which means puffy-fluffy. They seem to notice this nickname even though it's very different from their name :-)

Alex aus dem Gwundergarten said...

Huuuuu... many names Noah has to remember too. He's called Schnüggel (Sweetheart), Stinker (I guess this is the same in Englisch *LoL), John Wayne (he walks like that), Kämpfer (Fighter), Held (Hereo), Schmusekater, Cheffe (Chief), Roter (Red One) and many more.
But Kip is a real beauty and clever to remember all those sweet names.
Have fun and take care!

CCL Wendy said...

Though Dante, Dylan and Domino do have aliases, none of them have quite as many as you, dear Kip! You are very special indeed.

Clooney said...

Oh we love Kipsy Russell! Tiri and I have tons of names...too silly to mention!