Thoughtful Thursday

This picture was taken in March 2009, we had only adopted Ben the month before.  Casper was (and is) the most wonderful and gentle big brother, this is one of my all-time favourite pictures of them together. Do you think Casper is telling baby Ben about life?
happy boys
Now this next picture was taken just last month of Archie and Jimmy and I posted it already on the blog, but isn't it funny how the two younger brothers are almost in the exact same position two years later? 
PS - The boys would have loved to go to Bora Bora with Gracie and the rest of the CB, but since I'm hopeless at photoshop, sadly they had to stay home.


Sparkle said...

I'm not going to Bora Bora either. My human spends too much time with Photoshop as it is!

Roy said...

Ooooh, somebody I know best get with learnin Photoshop, or at least Gimp (it's cheaper). Little guys need their trips. Yes indeedy!

So many beautiful cats in the world, and so many of them are showing up on my wide screen. These four are among the finest. I'm glad we found each other.

Thanks for the visit, and joining us over at Buddy Bear's Cats' World's Blog. Y'all come when you can. I know we will.

Lisa and Roy, Buddy Bear, MikiCato, Miss Princess, Rowdy, Smokey, and Tegar da Tiger all send their love to everyone here.

Eric and Flynn said...

The boys look so sweet and loving together in both photos.
We are enjoying Bora Bora but our mum can't photoshop either. It wouldn't have made any difference though because we are out of sight behind the rocks.

The Monkeys said...

Our Mom is hopeless at Photoshop too! We know how you feel, boys! You sure are cute though!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Our mum is a complete wimp when it comes to photoshop too!
We love your pictures - they are behaving like two little boys swapping secrets!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

ArtemisiaFSS said...

You can't stay home. I wants to play with my Prince. Be checking your email. ~Arty Mouse

SAS....Sammy, Andy and Shelly said...

Precious pictures!!!!!!

Our mom is good at PaintShopPro....the poor man's Photoshop.....but we won't be in Bora Bora....it's too hot here to travel anywhere!!!!!!!!

Love to y'all.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Those are wonderful photos, so sweet. Brotherly love. :-) Unlike us, who tussle all the time!

Our mom can't PhotoShop, either, but Jan can. LOL. All our mom could do was make a collage. We think you all ought to teleport to Bora Bora anyway!

Marg said...

Love those pictures for sure. What handsome guys you are.
Our Mom cannot do any photoshop stuff and is thrilled to find someone else that can't do it. Jan offered to do it so why not. We miss all of you too.
Anyway, we know you will have a fun day at home.

Brian said...

We're missing you at Bora Bora gang, maybe we'll all come to your place later on and play so nip volley ball!

ABBY said...

Those are so sweet.
NOne of us would ever get that close to each other!

Natalie said...

Those are such sweet brotherly pictures! It's wonderful how affectionate your cats are with each other.

Clooney said...

Your boys have such close relationships with each other, that is so wonderful. The Dreamers are quite heavenly.