Cat Talk Time

Hi kitties, we are participating in Cat Talk time, a fun event dreamed up by the gang at Zoolatry.  We have been trying hard to come up with some jargon that is specific to our house and we have managed three words.

1. Mama Blanket - this is our favourite faux fur throw, it is so soft and cozy, it feels like our cat mum's fur so that is how it got the name.  Here you can see Jimmy and Casper enjoying the mama blanket.
Mama blanket bliss

2. Crow's Nest - All of us boys enjoy hanging out on the cat tree, it has different levels but the coveted spot is the very top which we call the crow's nest.  We alternate throughout the day who is up top, here we are waiting for Archie to finish his turn.
Come on Archie, hurry up
Wow, I can see for miles up here!
3.  Nose Balls - mum has always used this word to refer to the rounded balls on a cat's face where the whiskers grow out of.  She thinks this is one of the most attractive features on a cat.  Here are some of our beautiful nose balls for your viewing pleasure :-)
Ben's right nose ball
Casper's powder puff nose balls
Jimmy's slightly blurry but prominent nose balls
Archie's kitten nose balls


The Monkeys said...

We love nose balls! What a great way to describe it. We think you all have adorable nose balls but Jimmy wins with the most prominent ones!

Fuzzy Tales said...

So the nose balls are whisker humps! (We didn't even know what whisker humps were until last week.)

We LOVE your mama's blanket! Oh, wow, that looks SO cosy! We don't think we'd ever get out of bed if we had one!

And your crow's nest is the perfect term. Just like aboard ship! :-)

Brian said...

Those were all great and the nose balls were purrfect!!!

Fage said...


Random Felines said...

Good words - we didn't know those. But we would like to have one of those crows nests!!!

Rene said...

We have a red blanket just like yours, but we never thought to name it! And your nose balls are all so groovy.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We love your nose balls and we are very envious of your crow's nest.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We LOVE those nose balls. Little Jimmy's blurry made us larf and Archie's are kittenish cute!

Madi and Mom said...

You all speak Felinese fluently!! Mom and I love the nose balls!
Hugs Madi and Mom

Marg said...

Those are some brand new words to us but good ones. We like that round balls name for the whisker beginning. That is really great. Now we can all have a cat language dictionary.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

We has a blanket like that too! It sits in Daddy's chair and its called the Thank You as it has Thank You stiched on the clothside in 9 zillion different languages. We loves it and pulls it out when Daddy is not sitting on it.!

Madi and Mom said...

LOL at the comment you left us!! Let's hope she also has several animal print tops and capris.
OH MY STARS we just had tremors here from an 5.8 earthquake 34 miles northwest of Richmond, VA. I was sitting here typing when the keyboard started to shake. I thought it was me I went to get my hubby to see if he felt it by the time he got back in here the entire desk was shaking. It scared the crap out of both of us. I literally shoved Madi in her carrier and headed down stairs. They said the temors were felt as far north as Boston. I'm still shaking... good grief this is not going to be a relaxing week with earthquakes and the hurricane heading our way.
Hugs Maid and Mom

The Island Cats said...

Those are all great cat talk!! We like nose balls too...same as whisker humps!!

The Creek Cats said...

Nose balls! MOL! Love it!

ABBY said...

OH we loved your cat talk!
Nose balls how cute!!
We loved them.

Tamago said...

I love your cat talk!! That Mama Blanket looks so comfortable. I almost did not see Casper in that photo :-) They must be feeling like being with mama...so sweet.
Everyone's nose balls look great!!

Anonymous said...

Duffy said nose balls is a dirty word but we know it isn't!
We love all your cat talk but we especially love your Mama's blanket. Purrfectly cosy for the boys! :)

the critters in The Cottage

Cara n Crew said...

awww! Cute nose balls :-)

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie and Hollie

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

I think "nose balls" are our faves! Too cute!

Natalie said...

Those are great words! I love "nose balls" - both the phrase and the feature :)

CCL Wendy said...

Your PURRsonal nomenclature for kitty parts and PURRaphenalia is very aMEWSing!

Apparently some on the CB are adopting the term "Whisker Humps" for what you call "Nose Balls". Whatever they are called, they are indeed a most appealing part of a pussycat -- very kissable!

Clooney said...

We love your words and noticed prior to this that you had very cool words that are unique. Tiri passes a hi to her Gingersnap in the Crow's Nest and would definitely love a turn up there if she visited! Gorgeous nose balls to all you fabulous Mancats!

Catherine said...

So many cute kitty noses to kiss!!
xo Catherine