The Name Game

Last week I saw a really neat post on House of Cats called The Name Game and I thought I would play too. So, here are the explanations of how my babies got their names:

Molly – I always just loved this name. I had an Aunt Molly who was very close to us and I asked her if she would mind if I called my new kitty her name and she said that would be fine.

Casper – was named after a cartoon that I remembered from childhood, Casper the Friendly Ghost (I know it’s a little banal) because he is all white and is such a sociable guy.

Max – I had a very hard time naming Max, it was a couple of weeks before we got something for him. Then we settled on Max short for Maximus because it means large or great in Latin and he had such a big personality for such a little cat. We only had to call him Max one time and we knew it was right.

Benjamin - was named very quickly. I was still devastated from Max’s unexpected death and I thought perhaps it was a bad omen that we had taken too long to name him. So on the way home in the car after we adopted Ben from the shelter, it simply came to me that this cat would be Benjamin and I blurted it out. Then some months later I was reading online about the name and learned that it means “child of my sorrows”, I just about fell off my chair. I should be quick to point out that even though Ben entered our lives at a very sad time, he has been a complete joy since the moment we got him!

Archie – means bold according to the website of Fun Cat Names and it was just so fitting for this fearless little guy that there could be no other name for him.

Cat – as for me, the nickname I was given by my family when I was a little girl is the first three letters of my name (Catrina) AND because I love cats!


Katnip Lounge said...

We like the name game! All the names fit so well.
Mommy was wondering, is Casper Deaf? She had a white blue-eyed Cat who was.

Kea said...

I remember Casper the Friendly Ghost. :-)

Very spooky in a spiritual/cosmic sense about Benjamin's name! I'd almost fall off my chair too, if that happened to me!

One Cats Nip said...

Neato its always interesting how animals get their names!

Cat said...

Yes Casper is deaf. The other boys act as hearing-ear-cats for him :-)

Simba said...

Neato to hear about everyone's names.

Sorry you had such a horrid heatwave. Sounds like it was even worse than our heat last week.

♥I am Holly♥ said...

We love reading about your names! Very interesting! Mom said she used to have two white cats with blue eyes many decades ago and they were deaf but they never had a problem with it. Seems like animal adjust a lot better then humans sometimes!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

The Island Cats said...

Thanks for sharing how you all got your names! We learned more about you!!

Tuxedo Gang said...

Thanks for sharing your Cats names with us!! We would be glad to welcome Benjamin to the Tuxedo Gang!! Please send me a picture of him so I can put it on the Blog to introduce him to the Tuxedo Gang!!! Our email address is tuxedoganghideout (AT) g mail (dot) com!!!
Your Tuxie furiends,
Samantha & The Gang

Brian said...

That was so cool, I like all of your names!

Kea said...

Cat, a "meme" is just a number of questions that get passed around the internet, from blog to blog. I think. I'm not exactly up on all of this.

And the CB has its own lingo--took me forever to realize what THoE was ("thundering herd of elephants" -- when kitties race around like mad) and to get that PTU meant "prisoner transport unit," a.k.a. the carrier. I knew it meant "carrier," but not what the actual acronym was. :-)

Kea said...

Cat, re. the new banner: Yes, I put it up this afternoon. Ann of Zoolatry in the CB does many banners and graphics--she's very talented! She doesn't charge for it, either, which amazes me, but she has said it's her therapy. I do know she has a lot on her plate, in her life. She does accept gifts, of course, usually for her grandson or her cats, Maggie and Zoey. She's also offering custom-made cards for a small fee, enough to cover the cost of the cards, printing and mailing. That notice is somewhere in the news section on the CB.

Her cat blog is http://zoolatry.blogspot.com/ and you can get to her collectibles site from there, if you wish. :-)