Ode to Dad

It's Father's Day coming up this Sunday. Last year the cats wrote Robert a special poem, but I didn't have a blog at that time so I thought it deserved a reprint this year...

We think you’re the best Papa ever,
Even thought you’re not that clever,
A cat is always the superior species,
That’s why we let you scoop our feces.

But we thank you for the thoughtful toys,
That you bring home for us boys
And serving kibble at our table,
That keeps our fur as soft as sable.

Even the old girl admits
That you’re far from the pits
She’s come to love you very much,
And even tolerates your touch.

You help her take her daily pills,
And pay all her medical bills,
She knows she has you to thank,
And promises not to break the bank.

And so we all have come to say
That on this very special day,
There is no Dad on earth who’s better,
That’s why we had to write this letter!


Love, Molly, Casper, Benjamin and Archie

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Huffle Mawson said...

That is a lovely poem for your dad!