Pink Noses

All of my cats have pink noses, I think of them as the Pink Nose Brigade (PNB). Archie’s nose may technically be peach, but that is close enough for what I’m trying to illustrate here. I have been a pink person all my life (when I was a little girl I would only wear pink trousers) and it has become my signature colour. I like everything in pink; I have a pink day-timer, pink calling cards, pink scarves, pink purses and shoes, a pink cell phone, I even have pink courtesy lights in my car.

It has started to dawn on me (duh) that I am unconsciously drawn to cats with pink noses. I wonder how many cat’s cages I have passed by at the shelter because something about them just didn’t feel right. Now I’m thinking perhaps it was because they had brown noses. I’m worried that I have unwittingly indulged in some kind of cat discrimination and a perfectly wonderful kitty may have been left behind because of his nose colour! As a person who has always thought that all cats are beautiful and have something wonderful to bring into our lives, I am quite distressed at the realization that I could have some kind of prejudice against cats that are non-pinks!

But then I think about Max, a very special kitten we adopted last year. He was totally gray from head to toe, complete with GRAY NOSE! He also had gray whiskers, gray pads, even gray gums and was the most amazing cat I have ever known. Within ten seconds of meeting Max I turned to Robert and said “this is the cat for us”.

I’m hoping that Max redeems me somewhat and demonstrates that the pink noses are just a coincidence….anyway Archie’s IS peach!

Final count:
Pinks = 3
Peach =1
Gray =1

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