A Cat Welcome

Every day when I arrive home from work, the same scenario plays out. I come in through the sunroom at the back of the house because our driveway is off a lane way at the bottom of our garden. I must be careful when unlocking the door; Ben will be waiting on the other side. It is necessary to push the door open very gently because he is usually standing on his hind legs, straddling the door and the wall with a paw on each. When I crack the door, his pink nose pokes through the space and he peers up at me. He will stand like that for a few seconds, verifying that it is actually his mum, then I'll give the door a nudge and he will back away and go down on all fours. Next, he'll move on to the small rug that is in front of the door to the kitchen and flop on his side, then stretching, purring and air-kneading will ensue. I'll set my bag on the chair, take off my shoes and bend down or sit on the floor for some Ben/Mum bonding. I scratch under his chin and he rolls onto his back for tummy rubs. The sun streams through the windows and his ebony fur warms and glistens. He blinks and smiles while I tell him how beautiful he is and how much his Mummy loves him. It is one of the finest moments of my day, I hope Ben's too.

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chedca said...

mitz use to always be waiting at the door around the time of my return from school (she would get a treat and brush - and id get a cup of tea from mum), i wish i could have informed her somehow of any afterschool plans i made